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Acerbo Facilities Management Services

Maintaining standards, exceeding expectations

We offer fully-managed, integrated service solutions that can be tailored to your requirement, allowing you to enjoy maximum cost-effectiveness and a hassle-free service. We pride ourselves on being big enough to deliver on our promises, yet small enough to care about your needs, and we can match them no matter the scale or scope of your business.

Maintaining your operations at optimal conditions means that there are several aspects you need to look into – not least of which is making sure that your premises’ facilities are functioning perfectly. This isn’t an easy task to handle, especially if you have separate service providers to handle each aspect, which is why our all-in-one services are your ideal solution for hassle-free operations.


Innovative Solutions

Our services include mechanical, plumbing, cleaning, FM help desk, landscaping and gardening, maintenance, concierge, security, waste management and a range of other support services. For you, this means that all your facilities management needs will be satisfied by one service provider, leaving you less processing to deal with, and more time to focus on your business.

Tailor-made options

We can work with you to decide on which services your business will require, and plan how to best deliver. Whether you’re running a large law firm, a healthcare provider, or an entertainment venue, we will partner with you to design and develop an approach that aligns with your requirements.
This way, we can provide the exact services you need, leaving certain sensitive operations to your in-house teams, and developing a solution that also works within your ideal budget.

Extensive experience

Despite being a boutique FM firm, we have worked with a series of illustrious clients of different scales of operation, and have perfected our methods to be able to approach each project with the right strategy.